Unbelievably, it is already almost Thanksgiving. While the weather yesterday was unseasonably warm, I still feel the signs of fall. As for most people, Thanksgiving food is pretty constant over the years for our family, and probably says something about our nature that the holiday that revolves most around food has the least experimentation. We go to the same dishes each year for comfort and a sense of consistency. I stick with the same things that I like out of habit as well, but whenever I try something new, I remind myself how much I prefer creativity in the realm of the kitchen. It never ceases to surprise me how easily you can make something new and different, in no time at all with things you already have sitting in your cabinet.
In quiet celebration of the season, I tried these pumpkin cranberry scones. They were an experiment of sorts in their own right, as I cobbled together some different recipes. I thought they might be dense, due to the pumpkin, yogurt, and whole wheat flour, but they are flaky and pretty light but still hearty and filling. Next time, I would dice the cranberries as they are very tart when you get a mouthful of one!

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